International Institute for Caspian Studies

Five nations border the Caspian's shores: Azerbaijan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russian Federation.

The Caspian is completely landlocked, causing a controversy over whether it is a sea or a lake.

Some have predicted that the Caspian holds only slightly less oil than the Persian Gulf.

With the exception of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the nations surrounding the Caspian came into being in 1992.




 Map:Encyclopedia Britannica

 The northern part of the sea is home to 33 mammal species, 289 plant species and 256 bird species.

120 species of migrating birds, sometimes (even flamingos!) winter on the eastern shores.

The Caspian is home to seven different sturgeon species, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. All told the sea hold's 90% of the world's sturgeon.

The endangered Caspian seal and the magnificent white tailed sea-eagle, both call the Caspian Sea home.

120 different kinds of fish live in the Caspian